Gay Gainer Fetish: Midnight Snack ! MALE PREGNANCY CRAMPS AND CRAVINGS : Angelo 1E !

Gay Gainer Fetish:

Super sexy, muscular mpreg stud Angelo has been getting really bad cravings AND cramps during his pregnancy, and lately things have been really getting out of control with very painful cramps in his tummy along with wild uncontrollable food cravings, waking up this very pregnant man in the middle of the night constantly needing food to satisfy his hunger and alleviate the cramps. Luckily this mpreg fetish hottie seems to actually orgasmic pleasure from certain very specific foods that he has these male pregnancy cravings for, and tonight, as Angelo is driven to the fridge for his midnight snack, its a double dose of extra salty SALT AND VINEGAR POTATO CHIPS and SUPER SOUR GUMMY SOOTHERS !! Mmmmm, that is super yummy, and when you have severe mpreg fetish cravings combined with nasty painful cramps you will literally do anything to alleviate the pain and discomfort, and Angelo is so relieved and in heaven as he gorges himself in the middle of the night, while everyone else is fast asleep, and the endorphins in the food are released in him making the pain go away  . . .  . for now  . . . . . . gay gainer fetish, encourager, chub, fat, feeder, feedee, overeating, face stuffing, bloating, belly growing, burping, gorging, grommr, pig, burping, muscle and gut Gainer, gay gainer fetish, bloating, encourager, burping,chub, chubby, fat, fat fetish, fat guy, fat belly, belly fetish, belly, fatty, beer belly, feeder, feedee, overeating,face stuffing, padding, bloat, belly growing, inflating fetish, ball belly, belly play, belly rub, button popping, chubby chaser, dominant feeder, food coma, feeding, gainer shake, gaining to immobility, gut growing, grazing, gorging, grommr, inflation, instant gaining, muscle and gut, pig, submissive gainer, starter belly,weight gain, weight stats, stuffing, superchub, obese, teasing, weight gain, pigout, pigging out, belly fat, obesity training, gaining encouragement. . . . . . has the best gay gainer fetish content !  Sexy studs overeating, hot guys gaining weight, face stuffing, feeder/feedee. Encourager, dominant feeder, submissive gainer, pig training, gorging, bloating ! Burping, ball belly, belly worship, belly play, belly growing, obesity training. Feeding to immobility, gaining encouragement, muscle and gut videos and much much more !

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