Gay Gainer Fetish:

Gay gainer fetish face stuffing pig slut Luke has finally done it ! Luke has made it to the very end of his DOZEN DONUT PIG OUT ! Way to go Luke, I knew you could do it this second time around, haha it just took some practice and belly stretching exercising to really first in all those delicious fatty donuts. Luke has now successfully graduated past his first few tests on his journey to being a really fat, belly stuffing gay gainer fetish overeating pig ! I am so very proud Luke, its hard sometimes, when you’re binge eating and you can feel your belly getting stuffed more and more full of the food that you love, like donuts, BUT it can still be painful and often a new gainer piggy needs to take it on stages and allow their belly to stretch and grow a little more gradually. But, perseverance and hard work always pays off, great job Luke, we all look forward to seeing your next binge eating, belly stuffing pigging out sessions !

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