Gay Gainer Fetish: Muscle and Gut, Feeder/Feedee FRIED CHICKEN BINGE !! facestuffing, belly growing, Angelo 3E !

Gay Gainer Fetish:

Check out Angelo’s MASSIVE FEEDER/FEEDEE FRIED CHICKEN BINGE !! Mmmm, Super sexy muscle stud Angelo is by far the MUSCLE AND GUT KING of gay gainer fetish ! And Osirus is one super sexy dominant feeder stud intent on face stuffing and  growing Angelo’s sexy belly bigger and BIGGER as he feeds him one of his all-time favorite foods to gorge and binge on: FRIED CHICKEN !!  Washed down with chocolate almond milk of course ! Watch as this unbelievably HOT stud Angelo is hand-cuffed, and sits down to devour an entire bucket of chicken as he begins his gay gainer fetish journey to  grow his belly bigger and bigger as he fattens itself up more and more in order to destroy his amazing perfectly built big that he spent so much time working on in the gym! Angelo has decided he wants to be a nice big fat gainer PIG to please his dominant feeder Osirus, and he’s going to gorge and stuff his belly to get fatter and fatter as his six pack abs give way to a big fat gay gainer fetish belly ! Grab a seat and watch every sexy face stuffing moment folks as we see the new MUSCLE AND GUT KING become our newest gorgeous fat gainer pig !   . . .  . has the best gay gainer fetish content !  Sexy studs overeating, hot guys gaining weight, face stuffing, feeder/feedee. Encourager, dominant feeder, submissive gainer, pig training, gorging, bloating ! Burping, ball belly, belly worship, belly play, belly growing, obesity training. Feeding to immobility, gaining encouragement, muscle and gut videos and much much more !

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