gay gainer fetish

Gay Gainer Fetish: Overeating, facestuffing video ! Bane 1B

Gay Gainer Fetish:

Bane continues filling and growing his belly with one delicious donut after another, and he is loving expanding and growing his gut, as it gets increasingly bigger and rounder with each gay gainer fetish bite . If Bane can get a whole dozen donuts in his sexy gainer feeder belly, then he will well on his way to getting really HUGE and stuffed, haha what a bad little gainer piggy . . . . . . . . .Gainer, gay gainer fetish, bloating, encourager, burping,chub, chubby, fat, fat fetish, fat guy, fat belly, belly fetish, belly, fatty, beer belly, feeder, feedee, overeating,face stuffing, padding, bloat, belly growing, inflating fetish, ball belly, belly play, belly rub, button popping, chubby chaser, dominant feeder, food coma, feeding, gainer shake, gaining to immobility, gut growing, grazing, gorging . . . . . . . . . . . . . has the best gay gainer fetish content !  Sexy studs overeating, hot guys gaining weight, face stuffing, feeder/feedee. Encourager, dominant feeder, submissive gainer, pig training, gorging, bloating ! Burping, ball belly, belly worship, belly play, belly growing, obesity training. Feeding to immobility, gaining encouragement, muscle and gut videos and much much more !

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