Gay Gainer Fetish:Grueling DOZEN DONUTS binge eating ! Luke 2G

Gay Gainer Fetish:

Gay gainer fetish overeating, face stuffing gay binge eater Luke is right smack in the middle of his nasty grueling dozen donuts belly growing eating binge as he really hits a wall right here ! Haha, wow the struggle is real, but irresistible, as most gay gainer fetish binge eaters can likely attest to, you love stuffing yourself so painfully full, and it turns you on so much to literally see and feel your belly grow bigger and bigger, but sometimes it just gets really really hard, especially if the day before you are attempting to eat dozen donuts, you literally just ate nearly TWO LARGE pizzas ! Luke stops to take a gay gainer fetish bathroom break to see if he can , ummm .  . .UNLOAD some of the massive amounts of donuts and pizza already in his belly in the hopes of making more room to keep stuffing more and more donuts to finish off the dozen he started with, and the seems to have helped a little .  . . check this out as Luke really plunges in to his binge eating  journey to make himself super fat !

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