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Gay Gainer Fetish: Overeating, feeder/feedee video ! Osirus and Bane1A

Gay Gainer Fetish:

Dominant feeder Osirus gets super cute submissive gainer Bane all ready for his epic feeding session which is about to place over the next several parts as these two gay gainer hotties begin their feeder/feedee relationship ! Mmmm, so HOT as Osirus checks out and rubs Bane’s belly here, in a before and after scenario, this is definitely the BEFORE scenario as we see Bane’s beautiful, soft, smooth belly as Osirus rubs it and they both get excited for the belly stuffing and overeating that will follow. Osiris can’t wait to fatten up his submissive piggy by force-feeding him with a gainer shake through a funnel and tons of cheeseburgers ! Keep watching Bane’s food stuffing, weight gaining progression as his face stuffing orgy goes forward as he proves to his sexy feeder that he is a real gay gainer and fat grower

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